Last Day Pregnant

Today is my last day pregnant, officially. I am 38 weeks, 6 days and will be induced tomorrow morning at 39 weeks.

It’s very bittersweet knowing it’s all coming to an end. I have been pretty miserable and uncomfortable the last few weeks as I’ve gotten bigger, so I’m ready to be done being pregnant, but it’s also sad knowing this is the end of my last pregnancy. I will never feel another baby kicking and moving around inside me, no more baby hiccups, and no more “glow.” Sleep has been increasingly difficult with my growing belly, but also because I’ve been having so many contractions. I am still having a lot of pain on my right side just above my uterus by my ribs. There’s not much I can do about the pain besides trying to lay in a comfortable position or putting and ice pack on it. I’ve had the same pain every pregnancy towards the end, and I know it will disappear after delivery, so it’s manageable and worth it.

20191201_222903These final 8 weeks have truly flown by. December is always a busy month for us. Nutcracker rehearsals/performances for our girls, I do an event at work, shopping and wrapping presents, planning to see all our family for the holidays, my oldest has a birthday right after Christmas…the list goes on. We blinked and it was mid January! Our Christmas tree is still up, which I’m really not upset about at all.

At 37w6d, I started having contractions. They were about every 15-20 mins for several hours. I tried taking a shower and doing some yoga but they continued and I thought it was go time so I called my doc. She said to go ahead and go get checked at the hospital. I notified my IPs and we headed that way. Guys….I was SO disappointed when we got there and my contractions slowed and I was only dilated to 2cm. Plus my cervix was still really far back and even getting the exam was no fun. They sent me home and I wanted to cry.

I saw my doc the next morning and was up to 3cm, lost my mucous plug while she was20191214_222639 doing my exam and we thought it was gonna happen that weekend. NOPE! Contractions came and went, no labor. I finished up my last week of work, tried to get what sleep I could between contractions, and just tried to enjoy being pregnant the best that I could.

My IM flew out the morning after I went to the hospital and has been in town ever since. We have just been waiting for this little girl to make her grand entrance but have been meeting for coffee and lunch and movies. I have been having contractions almost daily and sometimes for HOURS, but they just won’t get regular and closer together.

At 38 weeks, Friday, January 10, I was dilated to 4cm and they thought, for sure, I was going to have a baby that weekend. NOPE AGAIN!! Actually, my contractions really slowed after that appointment. I haven’t been having IMG_20191227_214545_521nearly as many and I think this little girl just wants to remind us all that she is the one in charge.

Much to my dismay, it looks like we will make it to induction tomorrow morning (unless she decides to come tonight!) I was really hoping to go into labor on my own and get to actually “labor” for a bit since it’s my last pregnancy, but life rarely works out how you plan and I will be induced at 39 weeks. It is a bit of a relief, though, that both my IPs are here now, we have a birth photographer hired and ready to be there for induction/delivery, my doctor is in town, and we had childcare lined up. I would have loved to go into labor sooner, but this also feels right and I know my IPs will soon be holding their sweet baby girl!

This has been my easiest pregnancy. I have only gained about 30lbs. I can still tie my own shoes and shave my own legs (thanks yoga!) I have had zero complications and am confident I will have an easy labor, even though I’ll be induced.

Here’s hoping I have a smooth and easy delivery tomorrow! I can’t wait to meet/hold this sweet baby girl and hand her to my IPs!!20200111_215438