31 weeks

IMG_20191005_175021_871Just like that another 10 weeks have flown by. It seems like this journey has gone by so much faster, but I think it is just because we have had so much else going on this time around. Between my husband’s many many doctors appointments and my girls having dance and book club and other activities, we really haven’t had much time to just sit back and enjoy me being pregnant.

I’m both happy and a little sad that this journey isIMG_20191020_163715_819 already in its final stages. If I’m being honest, this year has been so tough for our family. It seems like it has just been one thing after another, but we are so grateful to have the surrogacy to focus on and remind us that even when things around you are awful, there is always something positive to focus on. We are ready for 2019 to disappear and be able to start 2020 off with a wonderful baby girl and hopefully a much better year to follow.

download.jpeg-2My IF got to fly out and spend the day with us for my 30 week appointment. We met for breakfast and then had an OB appointment followed by an ultrasound where he got to see just how active this little girl can be!! She has the MOST ADORABLE little chubby cheeks but did not want her picture taken. She is growing perfectly, measuring a full 8 days ahead and weighing in at 3lbs 11oz already! I keep telling my IPs that I grow big babies and I


was not kidding. She is head down and I can feel every bit of her big head causing pressure as I have started to waddle a little.

Last week we had our 30 week conference call with ConceiveAbilites to discuss delivery. I can’t believe we’re already at that point. We talked about when my IPs will come out to wait for baby. We discussed what will happen during delivery, who should be in the room if delivery goes smoothly or if I wind up having a c-section, how to keep me happy and entertained while we wait for baby girl to make her appearance. We talked about feedings and pumping and shipping milk if that’s what they decide. It just doesn’t seem like we’re ready to have a baby yet, but here we are! 31 weeks today means we will most likely have a baby sometime in the next 8 weeks.

28 weeks and dressed up for Halloween

I’m at the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. I have a lot of pressure when standing, exercise seems daunting, I am constantly exhausted but sleep is increasingly difficult the bigger I get because it’s nearly impossible to get comfortable, and the second I do get comfortable I have to pee, which I’m doing 2-4 times a night. I’m starting to get the “oh you must be about ready to pop” comments to which I have to explain, no, no, I still have 2 more months. It still amazes me, even after 5 pregnancies, how people seem to feel the need to comment on your size or your walk or anything else offensive rather than just saying, “You look great. Hang in there!” or “You’re glowing!” I see myself in the mirror daily, I know exactly how big I’m getting, thank you very much, but how kind of you to remind me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still VERY much enjoying this pregnancy, but the end is always IMG_20191116_230008_586difficult and painful. I need help getting off the couch or rolling over in bed, but I can still (barely) reach to tie my shoes and shave my legs. My legs and feet aren’t swollen at all, yet! I can still get my pre-pregnancy jeans on, although I definitely can’t button them. Baby girl kicks constantly and HARD! She seems to favor kicking my belly button and my cervix which are both quite uncomfortable, but when she’s rolling around and kicking it’s so cool to see my entire belly moving. I’ve started having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing to be concerned about unless I have 6 in an hour. I usually just have to change positions and they will stop. I’m loving pregnancy, and trying to enjoy it a little extra since it is most likely my last, but at the same time, I’m getting excited to have my body back and get back to the gym and get more sleep.

I know the next few months are going to fly by. Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, my oldest turning 10….and then BOOM, we will have a baby! With all the distractions to keep me busy, I’m sure these last 2 months are going to go by much faster than I would like, but I am still thrilled I will be able to hold this baby girl and hand her over to her loving, and very excited, parents.

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