6 Weeks

My nightly med regimen

May 8 we transferred one gorgeous hatching 5 day embryo. I was in good spirits as all my labs leading up to transfer had been nearly perfect. My estrogen was a little low, but they just added those fun little blue pills to my daily regimen and it came right back up to where it needed to be. This time I get to take them orally which is so much better than the other option.

20190508_105756Transfer went perfectly. I had acupuncture before and after. Definitely fell asleep after transfer. I find acupuncture so incredibly relaxing, despite having a bunch of tiny needles sticking in various parts of my body. It still amazes me how fast the actual procedure is at less than 5 minutes. They suck the embryo up in, basically, a giant straw between two bubbles. They then insert the straw vaginally into your uterus and watch on an ultrasound for the two bubbles to leave the straw so they know the embryo was transferred as well. Then, technically, I was 2 weeks, 5 days pregnant.20190508_110913

Bed rest is always the most difficult part for me. I get bored easily so two entire days of laying down and only getting up to use the restroom is challenging. Luckily, the Valium helped me sleep through most of the first day, and the fact that I’d worked the night before and only had about 3 hours of sleep. The second day I watched some tv and played some video games to pass the time.

Then came the 9 day wait for Beta. 9 days seems like nothing during normal life, but when you’re anxiously awaiting pregnancy results it can feel like an eternity. Especially because I was still on restrictions and couldn’t go to the gym or for a run to distract myself. I am not a patient person so I took a few…ok more than a few….home pregnancy tests (hpt). 20190527_191313To my, and my IPs joy, the tests were positive and showed a gradually darkening line as we approached our beta date. I was still a little nervous as we had had positive pregnancy tests leading up to my last beta on my last journey and were then disappointed with a chemical pregnancy.

May 17 was the big day. I went in as early as I could after getting my girls off to school. I tried to stay distracted and failed so I spent most of my day checking that my phone and email was properly functioning and complaining to my husband about how long it was taking to hear anything. I finally got a call early afternoon with a nice beta number of 141!! I was thrilled! My IM actually texted me in excitement before the clinic had a chance to call me. It’s kind of odd because the clinic calls and says you have a great beta number, congratulations, you’re 4 weeks pregnant.

I retested again two days later and my number had gone up to 345. Both were great numbers and increasing like they should!! We could breathe a little sigh of relief, but now more waiting until the first ultrasound.

In all of this in-between time, my husband has met with an oncologist for the first time to discuss his treatment options. They want him to go for a petscan to determine whether or not the cancer has spread. Once they have results they will be able to determine how much chemo he will need. It could be as little as one single dose or up to 3 full rounds. He recovered incredibly well from his surgery and is keeping in good spirits. The pregnancy gives him one more positive thing to focus on so we’re grateful for things going well so far.

5 weeks pregnant and baby is the size of a sesame seed.

I’m 6 weeks 1 day pregnant and just starting to notice some symptoms. I have been exhausted ever since transfer, but I work nights so I’m always exhausted. The biggest one for me is “pregnant nose.” I feel like a bloud hound where I can walk into a room and know what everyone is eating without looking. Some days it’s awesome and some days it is not so awesome. I dread opening the work fridge most days as it will make my stomach turn.

First ultrasound is scheduled for June 5 so we are just hoping for a strong and healthy heartbeat.