Journey 4

The past 5 months have flown by, like always. I feel like I blink and it has been another 3 months. We have gotten settled into our new house and have begun another journey!!

We were re-matched in January to a wonderful couple from New York. They are just the sweetest couple and we are so excited to be working with them. They have 2 little boys, a 5 year old and an 8 month old. The 8 month old was born with Prader-Willi and was still in the hospital at the time of our match meeting. It, obviously, is a very hard subject for them so we didn’t ask very many questions about him.

We are well on our way through the process and have already started meds for a tentative transfer date of May 8. We flew through medical workup and legal. I really only had to do a few things for medical since I had gone through workup last July for my last IPs. ConceiveAbilites has revamped their compensation packages for surrogates which made legal a lot quicker as their was no need to negotiate compensation for childcare, maid services, etc. I started meds on April 12.

I feel like there always seems to be some curve ball life insists on throwing at you when you’re trying to celebrate. My husband was unexpectedly diagnosed with testicular cancer. He had been having a little bit of pain in one of his testicles that began when we were at the gym so he thought he had maybe pulled a muscle or gotten some other minor gym injury. After about a week the pain had not subsided and his testicle was very swollen so he went to see his PCP who prescribed him a round of antibiotics. After 2 weeks of no improvements she sent him in for an ultrasound where they found several masses surrounding his testicle. We followed up with a Urologist on Wednesday, April 17, who informed him he had testicular cancer and needed to go in for surgery the following Monday, April 22. We were both in shock as you’re never really expecting to get a cancer diagnosis when you go to a doctor. I feel like no matter how sick you are, or what symptoms you have, cancer is always the last thing you think you’re going to hear from a doctor. Then, on top of it all, he needed surgery the following Monday! We were worried because we both have jobs and kids to figure out, but luckily we were both able to get the week off of work and the surgery was a quick out-patient procedure that took less than an hour to complete. We were home right before the kids got home from school.

He has been recovering very well from his surgery. He was up and walking around the next day. We were able to run a few errands and take lots of naps this past week. We even got to go see a movie while the kids were in school yesterday. Today he felt so great that he returned to work.

The hardest part, after all the rush of diagnosis and surgery, is waiting for pathology results to see what, if any, further treatments he will need. At this point I have already been on meds for a few weeks and we discussed the surrogacy and whether or not we needed to push the pause button, but both agree to move forward as, not only am I on meds, but it gives us something positive to look forward to and it’s something we are both so passionate about. We did call and inform our IPs, who at this time, were still willing to move forward. I think we’re all a little nervous and sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for pathology. Even if my husband does have to do chemo, we would still want to move forward with the surrogacy as I’m in good health and having something wonderful to focus on would make his treatments that much easier to deal with. Ultimately, the decision belongs to our IPs, and we will respect whatever they decide going forward. For now, we’re hoping for good news from the doctor next week and I will continue my meds with fingers crossed for a transfer date of May 8.

I had my first monitoring appointment yesterday. My lining was at 8.2 (should be over 6) and my estradiol was at 78 (should be over 50) so things are perfect for transfer. I have another monitoring appointment scheduled for May 2. Fingers and toes crossed for good news from both my husband’s doctor and my monitoring appointment.