Here we go….AGAIN!

After the last baby, husby and I briefly talked about doing another journey but had planned on waiting a few years. We sold our house, put everything in storage, and have been staying with friends while we build a new house. We figured we would get into the house, get settled and adjusted to new schools and new parts of town and then start talking about another journey. Then, as we started approaching the one year mark I got that itch. I missed being pregnant and I REALLY want another baby but my husband is a definite NO on having any more of our own so we decided to do another surrogacy a little earlier than planned. Ya know, we crazy like that.

We have had some very mixed reviews from friends and family, but we are beyond excited to be able to do this all again. The couple we have been matched with are SO BEYOND AMAZING! We only had two requests when getting re-matched. We wanted them to be local, and I wanted the opportunity to carry twins again. This couple is local, but only have one embryo left to transfer so they odds of twins are like, I mean, impossible. (I’m not gonna lie though, my fingers and toes are crossed for identical twins!!) I was bummed about the one embryo thing but then we met them and it was like the most non-romantic “love at first sight” blind date/match meeting ever. They are the coolest, most laid back couple. They have two little boys and have been through IVF themselves. Due to complications with her last pregnancy, my IM can not carry again and they have one embryo left, which is a little girl. They want to give her a shot, and have asked me to be the one to do so.

Guys, I mean, come on….how could I say no to that?? It is a little different for me this time knowing this will be a “one and done” deal, but I am so grateful for the opportunity and both of my last journeys the first transfer took, so?  My IPs are so chill and say that if it works great, they can’t wait to have a girl, but if it doesn’t no big deal, it wasn’t meant to be.

…I am not that chill about it not working. I know it will be hard on me if anything goes wrong. How could I not feel responsible? But, we have been very lucky so far and nothing medically has changed with me so those fingers, and toes, and soon to be legs, will be crossed to get this little girl to grow! It’s also a little different knowing it’s a girl before I’m even pregnant. Science is so cool!

And WOW…I am starting meds TODAY! I reapplied in May, we got matched the end of June, we were legally cleared mid July (legal took a record-breaking week!!) and got medical clearance the following week at the end of July. It was so fast I don’t think I had time to blink! My hysteroscopy took like 30 seconds. WHAAAAT? We couldn’t be happier and are thrilled it moved so quickly. We have been through it twice before and were expecting months to go by but here we are, doing shots!

We had a minor hiccup already. We took my youngest for her yearly checkup where the doc informed us she had 5th disease (yeah…that’s literally the name. Google it…or maybe don’t. It’s never a good idea to Google diseases or symptoms. Did you know scurvy is making a comeback?) We thought her eczema had been flaring up because she just had a rash on her arms and legs but it was in spots that she gets eczema a lot. She had no other symptoms so we didn’t have a clue. The pediatrician assured us she was beyond the contagious stage and there’s really no treatment, I should be fine to start surrogacy, but the fertility clinic (I’m with CCRM again) was not so sure. They had me do a blood test to make sure I didn’t have an active infection because better safe than sorry. 5th disease can cause Anemia in fetuses. I was bummed because the test pushed our calendar back a few days but I am happy to announce I am IMMUNE! I sort of feel like a pregnancy superwoman at this point. I have been so incredibly lucky for all things medical with my pregnancies and surrogacies.  Maybe I should make myself a cape? Preferably pink with glitter and unicorns. (side note: I recently read an article that described redheads as the “unicorns of the human race” that also stated we basically have genetic superpowers. We can handle more pain, require more anesthesia, can sense temperature changes more easily than others, and more. I am totally embracing that.)

I’ll leave you with the imaginary image of my redhead self, wearing a pink and glitter covered cape, armed with syringes and estrogen suppositories, riding a unicorn, coming to populate the world one (or maybe two) surrobabies at a time.

Here’s hoping we have a successful transfer on September 11!