Feeling 22…

I am 22 weeks pregnant. Wow! When did that happen?? Time is going by so fast and I have so much going on that I feel like I have very little time to enjoy it all. Baby is moving a LOT and kicks are getting stronger and easier to feel from the outside each day.

20170227_154640Since my last post, I had my 20 week appointment, Thursday February 23, and hospital tour the next day. My IM was able to fly out to be there for both and it was so wonderful to get to spend so much time with her. I had very little sleep (like always…#nightshiftproblems) and it was snowing, of course. We had had beautiful seventy degree days leading up to a blizzard the morning she flew in from California. Guys….my IM drove in the snow for the first time!! Like a CHAMP! I, on the other hand, slid in my new jeep with her in the car, lol. At least it convinced my husband to finally get me new tires!

Anyway, the appointment went wonderfully. My IM got to be there for the ultrasound and see baby moving around. She took a video to send to her family and they were all very excited for her. I’m so glad she is feeling confident enough now to tell her family and allow everyone to celebrate and be happy for her! She also got to meet my OB in person, although they’ve talked on the phone several times. My OB is so awesome. She is just very honest and straight forward. My IM was asking about next steps and the process of preparing for baby and asked when we could expect baby to arrive. I had to laugh because it’s such a cute reminder that she is a first time parent. I forget how much you don’t know the first time around and how much I’ve forgotten. It doesn’t help that my IM is very organized and a planner so not being able to even provide a week we can expect baby is probably torture for her. My doctor was very kind in explaining there is no real way to plan. It will happen when it happens and if I start to dilate slowly we will have more of an indication, but seeing as this is my fourth pregnancy I could just start having contractions and have a baby that day. Who knows? She will just need to be prepared to get on a plane when I call. I’m pretty confident I won’t make it to my due date, because I never have in the past, but each pregnancy is completely different. Wouldn’t it be funny (but NOT REALLY) if I go past my due date!!! (…omg I should delete that and totally throw out the idea….that is NOT HAPPENING!!)

After the appointment we let my IM ride home with us to get the girls from the bus. She got to meet our dog, Apollo, and see the house. I kept reminding her that we have room for her to stay when baby arrives so I will get to spend a little time with her, her mom, and baby before she returns to California. Plus I’m planning to pump so milk would be easily accessible. šŸ™‚ I will keep reminding her.

We got the girls from the bus and headed out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, the girls choice. It was so nice to have the time to just hang out and chat. I got to know a lot more about her and the baby’s father. We talked a little bit more about her disease and why she can’t carry a baby of her own because my youngest asked why she couldn’t carry her own baby. Kids can be quite charming with their lack of filter, but it’s nice for the girls to have a full understanding of why I do what I do. I would love for my girls to grow up and have families of their own and maybe become surrogates and help other families as well. Or if one of them has infertility struggles I want them to know everything about ALL of their options to have a family.

The next morning was the hospital tour. I was excited as this is the first time I will be delivering at a new hospital. All three of my previous deliveries were at Sky Ridge. This time I’m delivering at a smaller, older hospital that is a little further from my house. My doctor likes this hospital and I trust her so I will go where she goes unless some emergency has me going to a closer hospital. I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue if my doctor weren’t able to deliver and some random doctor that I or my IM don’t know has to become involved. So, we will go where my doctor is. Our match manager from ConceiveAbilites was with us. We met with a coordinator, of sorts, and had an hour long conversation of the intake process and paper work needed from both sides prior to delivery. It was very informative and between the coordinator and our match manager, all questions were asked and answered.We then got to do a tour!

It is definitely an older hospital, but it’s nice that it’s smaller because the one thing I noticed was how quiet it was the entire time we were there. It will be a great environment to labor and recover in. They also offer Nitrous Oxide as a pain reliever during labor. I have been reading up on it and tossing around the idea of giving it a try. I’m pretty sure I’m still going to do an epidural so I’m not writhing in pain and will be able to enjoy the experience with my IM, especially because we will have a photographer present, but it would be nice

21w6d. Baby waving

to be able to allow labor to progress a little more and be more mobile in the beginning stages of labor. I have no set plan, because it’s not a good idea and things happen, but I am open to seeing how things go. I did toss around the idea of having an unmedicated delivery, but I am not a nice person when I am in pain, and I have no problem admitting I am not that strong. The women who deliver naturally with no pain medications are SUPERHEROS in my book. Seriously….those women are BADASSES! But who knows what will happen on the day. We will have a tentative plan, but I will go with the flow.

I was sad to see my IM leave after the tour, but it was nice to have some time with her and get to know her more. I am so so excited to see her at delivery and meet her mom and hear all the questions and finally be able to meet this little baby!!!

21w6d. THOSE LIPS!! There is a wave a fluid right in front of baby’s face distorting the cheeks and nose, but seriously…those lips!

This past Thursday, March 9, I had my follow up appointment with the doctor who did my amniocentesis. He is so nice and allowed us to take another video for my IM. This appointment was to check the baby’s heart and I am happy to say that baby’s heart looked perfect. It took a bit longer than expected because baby was moving around and laying in a folded over position that made it harder to get a good view, but after a bit and the ultrasound tech repeatedly shaking me up, baby decided to cooperate and we were able to get some pretty amazing views of baby and baby’s little heart. Baby was measuring exactly on track at 21w6d and weighed in at 1lb 2oz.

I have no more scheduled ultrasounds until delivery, unless my IM comes out for another appointment in which case my OB will do one to make the trip worth it. The remainder of appointments will be pretty boring as I’ve been through all of this before and they really

21 weeks!!

just monitor my belly growth. Now we begin the waiting and growing game. This is the part where I start to get HUGE and waddle and hear comments about looking like a beached whale. Baby will get stronger and hopefully will allow me to get some good videos of baby moving around to send my IM.

We are planning a vacationĀ for spring break with my girls in two weeks. We are meeting my parents and will get to relax and just enjoy the last week of my 2nd trimester and then we will officially be in the home stretch!!

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