13 Going On 14

The end of December and beginning of January were a crazy few weeks. This little baby has now been to a funeral, celebrated Christmas (several times), celebrated a new year, been to a wedding, and the symphony.

Some days are easy and I feel fantastic and some days I am exhausted and feel like I can’t get out of bed or function. Some days I am happy and excited and some days I am emotional and cry at stupid commercials or when my husband accidentally says something that I misinterpret and take offense to. Some days I eat super healthy and enjoy lots of fruits and veggies and some days all I want is donuts and chocolate cake. Luckily for me, my husby loves the chaos of pregnancy.

The thing I have been struggling with most is exhaustion. I work graveyard shift and switch back to day shift each week on my off days so I can take care of my kids while my husband works. This means I lose almost an entire night of sleep each week. I try to make up for it when I can or rather my body forces me to make up for it by falling asleep every time I sit down for longer than 10 minutes. I knew it would be a little more challenging this time around with my new job, but my husby is INCREDIBLY supportive and if I need a nap he will make it happen. My exhaustion also means I haven’t been working out like I had originally planned. Between getting a workout in or sleeping an extra hour I have been opting for the sleep, but I will officially be in my second trimester on Friday and am already starting to get a little bit of my energy back. WHAT A RELIEF! Producing a placenta is hard work for your body, fyi. I ordered some workout videos and have done a few the past few weeks, but not with any sort of consistency. I ordered a new workout video and a prenatal yoga video so hopefully in the next few days I will regain my motivation and get back into it. I have only gained 2lbs so I’m not concerned. I feel like sleep is far more important to my sanity in the beginning and I know I will get back into a routine as I start to feel more normal again in my 2nd trimester.

Last Thursday, January 5, I had a genetic screening which included blood work and an ultrasound. My IM is a little bit older, in her early 40s, so there is an increased risk of some

12w6d measuring 13w0d, 6.87cm

genetic or chromosomal defects. It was not a regular appointment, just the blood draw and the ultrasound, but we got to Skype with my IM so she was able to see the ultrasound. It was a wonderful ultrasound as the baby was SUPER active. My IM even got a little wave from the baby and got to see it sucking its thumb. The measurement for down syndrome, the space on the back of the baby’s neck, appeared normal on the ultrasound which is great news!

Hi Mom!

It always amazes me how quickly the babies grow. This little baby was measuring 1 day ahead at 13w0d and 6.87cm! It was all very exciting for my IM. Now we just have the stressful waiting period to get blood work back and find out the rest of the results.

Today I am 13w5d. I have a very obvious baby bump which I KNOW IS EARLY yet EVERYONE keeps reminding me how fast I started showing. At Christmas, a member of my husband’s family looked at me and said “wow, aren’t you only 11 weeks?” To which I had to smile and laugh it off and convince myself not to cry. I think the hardest part of pregnancy is the constant scrutiny of your appearance by every single person you talk to. You’re always either too skinny or too fat, not gaining enough weight or putting it on too quickly, or not showing fast enough or showing too soon. You hear it from family, friends, 20161230_155959co-workers, and even strangers. This is my fourth pregnancy and my last pregnancy I had twins. I got pregnant again exactly a year after the twins were born and my body’s got this. It knows what it’s doing, the baby is healthy and growing perfectly, I have had ZERO complications, and I may be carrying around a few extra pounds that make me appear slightly more pregnant than I am, but I don’t care. I LOVE showing off my pregnancy and talking about surrogacy to people. I just wish everyone respected the fact that every pregnancy and every pregnant woman is different. There is no right or wrong as long as the baby is healthy.

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