I worked overnight October 25 until 6am October 26. I went home and was able to get about 30 minutes of sleep before my husby dropped me off for breakfast with my IM. She had flown in the night before and was planning to leave right after transfer.

We met for breakfast at 8am, talked and talked and talked, she’s amazing by the way, and got to know each other a little better. She then drove me to CCRM for 9:30 check in. Our ConceiveAbilities  case manager met us there as well. She offered hugs, warm wishes, and sticky thoughts.

After a quick blood draw and some signatures from my IM we were taken upstairs to prepare for transfer. We were both excited and nervous and ready! The nurse came in to have me change and make me take my giant Valium. I was able to chat a little more with my IM before they came in to do my acupuncture. I  was exhausted and so relaxed that I fell asleep. I am discovering I really enjoy acupuncture.

One perfect little embryo

After about 20 mins, they were ready for transfer. My husby showed up just in time, however he had received a call from school they my eldest daughter had thrown up and needed to be picked up. He was able to stay for transfer and my IM offered to give me a ride home.

They rolled the little embryo in on an incubator and allowed my IM to take a few pictures. They did an ultrasound to check how full my bladder was, but it was a little low despite me sipping water since breakfast. This only meant she had to push pretty hard to get a good picture of my uterus for transfer.

Transfer is not the most comfortable thing in the world, it’s very similar to getting a PAP done, speculum and all. They use a little tiny needle that looks like a straw to pick up the embryo and put it gently in your uterus. There is a tiny air bubble that can be seen on the ultrasound to show things have been moved. They double check to make sure the embryo is no longer in the needle and that’s it. We transferred one perfect little embryo in what felt like 10 seconds.

My nurse came in to discuss my daughter being sick. She wanted us separated completely and was hoping I had somewhere else to stay or someone who could take my daughter while I was on bedrest, but unfortunately that was not the case. The main concern was fever because if I develop a fever, my body would reject the embryo completely and that was the last thing I wanted.

During my second round of acupuncture, in which I fell asleep again, my IM and nurse discussed our situation a little more.  We decided it was best for me to stay in a hotel while on bedrest. I have to admit I was a little bummed because my husby had taken the time off in hopes we would get some time together because we work opposite night shifts and have little to no time awake together.It was especially hard because they didn’t want him to even come visit me just in case.

My IM’s mom had frantically been calling around to try to get us a room, my IM was staying too, and had changed her flight to the next afternoon. She was able to find us a hotel close to my house so my husby could bring me a change of clothes, a toothbrush, and all my meds. He even brought me dinner for the evening.

I mostly just slept the next two days away. My IM flew out the next morning so a friend and another amazing employee of ConceiveAbilities brought me some snacks and dinner to get me by. I also watched a few movies and some junk tv. Ithe was tough, especially because they want you mostly horizontal and not sitting up more than 45° except to use the bathroom.

I was bored, and lonely, and bummed because it was not how I had planned, but I understood and everytime my IM apologized I simply reminded her I was here for her. This little embryo will hopefully make itself at home and soon be her little baby. She has every right to want to give it the best shot possible!

The past few days I have been exhausted. All  I want to do is sleep. I am staying hopeful, but also trying to prepare myself just in case . First Beta is Friday and we will know if this little one decided to camp out or not!


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