Giant Needles

Due to my underwhelming lining at my first monitoring appointment, I had another appointment Monday the 17th. Thankfully, the little blue pills were helping! My lining was up to 9.2mm (needed to be >6) and my estradiol was at 206 (needed to be >200.)

I had another monitoring appointment Thursday the 20th. Things were perfect in preparation for transfer! Lining was at 10mm (needed to be 8-12), estradiol was at 2106 (anything >300 is good with no max), and progesterone was 0.22 (needed to be <1). We got an email from the nurse titled “Ready, Set, Transfer”. It was also my last Lupron injection!

These are all my fun pills. The little blue and the GIANT white are both vaginal suppositories

October 21 I had the pleasure of starting Endometrin (vaginal suppositories), Medrol, Doxycycline, and PIO (the butt shots!) The needle is HUGE and it’s intramuscular, ouch! This time around, my husband has a little practice under his belt so they don’t hurt quite as much. (Like a DART!) I’m not using the ice pack before the shot and it seems to be helping because I’m not getting lumps anymore.

I had one final blood draw yesterday, but everything still looked perfect! We are set for transfer at 11am on Wednesday the 26th!

My IM is ecstatic, and so am I. She is flying out Tuesday night and will fly back home after transfer. I’m kind of bummed we won’t get to spend more

Giant needle

time together, but we’re already planning to meet for breakfast (assuming I can figure out child care), she will be there with me for transfer, and we are going to be wearing lucky Chucks!

Progesterone in Oil (PIO)

Now we just wait these last two days, continue all my meds, and hope everything still looks perfect on Wednesday!

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