The other little blue pill

I had my first monitoring appointment yesterday, and things didn’t go exactly as I had hoped. My lining was a little thin, only 3.5mm, but did have a triple pattern, and my estradiol was 39 but should be around 50.

This was expected, sort of, because Mother Nature took her sweet time in getting Aunt Flo to arrive, but was still a little disappointing. As surrogates we are always shocked and upset when something happens or doesn’t go as planned because, for most of us, we haven’t had any problems in the past. We sometimes forget that life happens and we really have very limited control over this whole process. My IM is still amazing, of course, and doesn’t seem concerned if the transfer has to get pushed back a few days. She is so laid back and positive and supportive. We are very lucky to have her!

20161014_203413My situation is not the end of the world. I just have to add another medication, I mean I’m already taking so many, what is one more?? This one, however, is a little blue pill that can be taken orally or vaginally called Estrace. I am SO LUCKY because I get to take it vaginally, YAY! (can you sense my sarcasm?) It’s really not so bad compared to the other suppositories which are HUGE. I will have to do a side by side comparison once I start taking the others.

Anyway, this should help to correct both issues from my monitoring appointment and will hopefully get things on track to maintain a transfer date of October 26. They have scheduled another appointment for Monday October 17 to see if the pill is helping and we will just go from there. CCRM is pretty amazing and they obviously know what they’re doing, so I believe this will help.  Only 12 more days to transfer!


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