Hello 3rd trimester!

It has been awhile since my last post, and things are going great! I am happy to report that my IM is recovering fantastically well from both her surgeries that were done in early August. They were unable to detect any new cancer and it seems the chemo did a wonderful job and she is well on her way to being past this monster! She is currently finishing up her treatment with several weeks of radiation, but we are all hopeful that this will be the end of her battle and she will be healthy and ready for these babies to come in the next few months!

I had my 28 week appointment on Tuesday August 25 and I had to drink the awful glucose mixture which tasted like orange soda that had been WAY over-sweetened. It made me a little nauseated and gave me a headache, but I was happy that I was able to keep it down. We now wait for the results to make sure I don’t have gestational diabetes.

Two heads, side by side

My IM was able to make it to the appointment and was able to see how big the babies have gotten. They were both head down at my appointment so I’m staying very hopeful that the little girl (which is the presenting twin) will remain head down so I can have a vaginal delivery. She has a very limited number of weeks left until she will be unable to flip over so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that she is comfortable and just stays put. (Although my bladder would disagree!)

Little girl

Both babies are still measuring slightly ahead, one was measuring 28w1d, and the other was 28w3d, when I was actually only 27w6d. They also weighed in at 2lbs 8oz and 2lb 11oz meaning I already have over 5 pounds of baby in me and I can definitely feel the added pressure on my bladder and my spine. I am so happy that they are growing at such a healthy rate!

I have been having some pretty intense nerve pain in my left leg and the front of my pelvis. The doctor said they are most likely positioned on my sciatic nerve, causing the pain down my back, bottom, and the back of my thigh, and they are obviously on another nerve that is causing shooting/burning pain on the front side of my pelvis every time I move my left leg. It wasn’t so bad at first, but it’s getting increasingly more difficult to get dressed or walk as I get the shooting pain whenever I raise my left leg, and it is especially difficult for me to rollover in bed which means I am tired ALL THE TIME. I think I need to be more adamant about taking naps.

Due to the pain I have been having, and my inability to perform all my necessary responsibilities at work, my doctor and I decided it is best for me to not work for the rest of my pregnancy. Standing for prolonged periods of time causes my pain to get worse and my leg went completely numb at work the other night. With me being by myself for my entire shift, it’s not possible for me to sit down or change positions to try to alleviate the pain, and some duties, such as unloading shipments and climbing ladders, are not safe for me to do at all. So, I will not be working for the remainder of my pregnancy. The good news, is that the doctor will not let me go past 38 weeks, so we know these babies will be here by November 4th at the latest. The official countdown can begin and I can just focus on staying active and keeping them head down and prepped for delivery.

26 weeks, 4 days. Swimming at Chatfield Reservoir (I could definitely use a little more sun!)
27 weeks, 4 days. Hiking at Garden of the Gods

I am a little concerned about not working and not being as active so I’m trying to do lots of walking and I’ve been riding a stationary bike (which is still really difficult when you bump a belly every time you lift up on the peddle). My husby is super supportive and we’ve been trying to find different places to walk around indoors so that I’m not hot and we don’t get bored with the same places. We also try to still do (EASY) hikes and go swimming around town. The nights that he is not working, we can go for walks when it starts to cool down in the evening. My doctor has also recommended a chiropractor as well as more swimming and massage to help reduce the strain on my back and to alleviate some of the pain.

28 weeks

Today is day 4 of not working and I can already tell I’m going to be a little bored. I have been reading, walking, playing video games, and hanging out with my girls to try to keep myself entertained, but I tire easily so I’m be very careful not to overdo anything. I also watch a lot of Netflix after the girls go to bed. So please, feel free to drop me a line or swing by or send me an activity to do or recommend a movie to watch to help keep me entertained! At least I’m finding time to relax and finally get the haircut I’ve been needing for six months!

This weekend we have plans to get some maternity photos done with my IPs and we will be attending a family reunion together so I’ll get to meet all my husby and IM’s extended family. It’s fun being related and meeting so many people who know all about our unique and wonderful situation. It has definitely brought our families closer together.

One thought on “Hello 3rd trimester!

  1. Leslie! I love reading your blog! What a fun journey you’re on. I wish I lived closer so I could come visit you. I’m glad you’re doing so good and I’m sorry you’re so bored. I’m also happy you got a haircut 🙂 take care!
    – Misty


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