My 12 week baby bump

I am now 12 weeks pregnant and I am FINALLY starting to feel like a (somewhat) normal pregnant woman. I have had a very busy and exciting past few weeks. Finals are approaching, my mom is in town for two weeks visiting, I got great news from the doctor that my bleed has nearly healed, I’ve been able to see my brother and his fiance several times, my husby got a promotion he’d been hoping for, and I got to celebrate Star Wars day with friends, movies and some awesome cupcakes I made!

Since hitting 10 weeks, I have been slowly weaned off the medications from the fertility clinic as the placentas have formed and are able to take over hormone production. I did such a giant happy dance after doing my last injection! Having been doing them daily for several weeks, I had HUGE knots and bruises on my hips at my injection sites. Icing before hand did help me not to feel the needle going in, but the cold irritated my bruises and gave me a strange burning sensation. Needless to say, I will NOT miss the butt shots. I would do it again in a heartbeat, but I’m really glad to be over that hurdle.

It is an exciting and strange feeling to be released from the clinic. I’m so excited to be moving forward and feeling confident that things are going well and I’m able to move on to my regular OB, but at the same time I’m a little sad because the nurses at the fertility clinic were amazing and knowing they won’t be there for the end of our journey is a little disappointing. They invested so much time and energy into making this pregnancy a success and I wish they were able to share in the joy at the end, but I know they are keeping busy helping lots of other families start/grow their family.

So, I was able to transfer to my OB and met with a nurse practitioner on April 22. It was basically a repeat of my final appointment with the fertility clinic as she just went over basics and gave me a list of medications I was able to take. She also talked about foods to avoid, etc. I have two children of my own, so it was mostly stuff I had heard in my previous pregnancies. She wasn’t the nicest person I have ever met and I was a little nervous that I would want to change doctors because she made me feel extremely guilty for asking for something for my morning sickness. I thought puking 5 times a day was getting to be a little excessive and wanted some relief as I’m still in school and working. She gave me a sample to try, but she made sure to mention (several times) that she would prefer I just tough it out. I got the point, but took the samples anyway. The appointment was mostly informational and my IM made it just in time for the very end.

I took the samples home and took one that night before bed. They definitely helped with my nausea, but I was so sleepy the next day I was scared to drive and spent most of the day napping. I knew they were not going to work for me.

Monday, April 27th, I had my first appointment with my new OB. I LOVED HER! She came in and introduced herself and wanted to know what questions I had before we even started the appointment. I asked about work restriction and she told me there was no way she would allow me to work more than 4 hour shifts for the remainder of the pregnancy as twins are a little higher risk and we don’t want to encourage preterm labor. I was a little bummed as I’m a store manager and it’s hard to get all my work done in short shifts, but I’m looking forward to having more time to spend with my girls and relax for the summer. She also wrote me a prescription for my morning sickness! I wanted to jump up and hug her. I know it’s going to (hopefully) alleviate itself in the next few weeks, but I’m so happy to know I will be able to get through finals without puking on a professor.

Then, we got to do an ultrasound and I got to hear the heartbeats for the first time! Unfortunately my IM wasn’t able to 20150506_132545make it the appointment because she was really sick from her last chemo treatment, but I know she was there in spirit! My bleed was almost completely healed and was just a little sliver on the ultrasound. The babies were both measuring right on track and were wiggling all over the place. The doctor even had a hard time getting the heartbeat of baby B because it was moving around so much! I couldn’t believe how much you could see on an ultrasound at 10 weeks and how much they were moving around. They looked like little gummy bears dancing around. I can’t believe it’s only a few short weeks until I’ll be able to feel them moving!

I am also really looking forward to the next coming weeks. I have finals next week and will finally be able to relax a little. Mother’s Day is this weekend and I will get to spend the entire day with my husby and girls. I have another doctor’s appointment next week and my IPs will get to see/hear the babies and we might even get to find out the sex from the new blood testing! I will start getting some of my energy back in the 2nd trimester, just in time for summer fun, and I will hopefully be over all this morning sickness nonsense.

In the words of my visiting mother, “tata for now.”

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