And so it begins…

So I want to back up a little and explain what a horrible and traumatic month February was for us because it was rough.

My husband had some stomach problems at the beginning of the month but we just blew it off as food poisoning as we had eaten out the night before and figured he would be fine in a few days. When he hadn’t started feeling better 5 days later he went to see his doctor who ran urine and blood tests but couldn’t find anything wrong so they scheduled him for an MRI on Thursday Feb 5. We went to the MRI that morning and didn’t think much of anything but almost immediately after they had finished his scan, they came out and explained that he had appendicitis and we should go straight back to the doctor. We rushed over to the doctor’s office who immediately sent us over to a surgeon’s office who then immediately sent us straight to the hospital where they rushed him into surgery within two hours. It was an extremely exhausting day, but I’m happy to say he recovered great and is feeling a lot better!

About two weeks later, I experienced some car trouble and lost power steering on the highway. I managed to make it to a shop where they explained my A/C compressor has seized which broke my serpentine belt and an idler pulley ($1600 to repair). The car was inoperable and I had to have a friend come pick me up and drive me to a rental car agency as that was our only car. We had it towed back to our condo where it is still sitting, but we have plans to get it repaired in the next few weeks. The good news is that I got a new (well, used, but new to me!) car and I’m loving it.

Then, our case manager suddenly decided to leave ConceiveAbilites and we were given a new case manager, who is absolutely as wonderful as our first except she is based in Chicago. I received an email from her on Feb 17 saying that she needed to talk to me and that I shouldn’t be worried, but it had to be that day. Of course I was worried! I hadn’t heard much from my IPs since we were legally cleared and I had already started meds so I was very worried that something had happened. When I spoke to my case manager that afternoon we received the heartbreaking news that my IM had been diagnosed with breast cancer and they needed to know if I was still willing to continue on with the process.

I was in shock. Of course I was still willing to continue on. How could I not want to keep going and give them something positive to look forward to. I couldn’t believe we were receiving more bad news and my first thought was of my IPs and what they must have been going through the past few weeks. The good news is that they caught it early and she will be starting treatments in the next few weeks, but I’m unsure of all the details. (I’ll let her do a guest blog to explain everything from her perspective). I’m just so happy she is going to be ok and they can do treatments and that she was able to continue on with her egg retrieval so we could move forward. We had a transfer date scheduled for March 2.

Wednesday, Feb 25, was my IM’s egg retrieval and they successfully harvested 31 eggs and were able to produce 13 embryos! So exciting!! It was all beginning to feel real.

We all went out to dinner on Friday Feb 27 and it was the first time we had spoken face to face since our first match meeting in July. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was to get to see them again. We got to catch up on all the craziness of our relation and everything else going on and how excited we all are to have things progressing forward. It was a great night and we are so grateful to be able to help such wonderful people.

The following morning, we received more bad news. When doing the retrieval and fertilization of the embryos, something had come back inconclusive on the IFs blood work. The nurse called each of us separately that morning to discuss the possible risks and concerns they had for a virus called CMV. I asked so many questions but hung up feeling more confused than when she called as she really had no answers for me at all. She explained that both the IF and myself had antibodies indicating a previous infection, but at the time of retrieval, the IFs test had come back inconclusive so they couldn’t be sure whether or not he had a current infection and the worry was that it could possibly be passed on to the embryos. Since the nurse didn’t really have any good answers, I researched the virus (thanks Google!) which was a horrible idea. There are some pretty scary complications for embryos and babies born with the virus including hearing loss and blindness.

Again, my heart broke for my IPs. Especially because it was really difficult for them to get any real answers from the doctors as it was the weekend and our transfer was scheduled for Monday. It was a long weekend waiting to hear if things were going to move forward as planned. I began to feel like someone was against us.

They were finally able to speak with a doctor on Monday morning and after getting all the facts, they decided to proceed with the transfer. I was relieved and ecstatic. I just wanted some happy news for my IPs!!

So, now the good stuff!

Two gorgeous and healthy embryos

I arrived at CCRM at 2:30, had labs done, and then went up to the lobby to wait to be called back. Our IM arrived shortly before they took me back for acupuncture (it’s supposed to help relax you and your uterus). The room was freezing, but they gave me lots of blankets and a Valium and told me to settle in. After the first round of acupuncture, my IM came in to the room to sit with me while we waited for the transfer to begin. We got to discuss all the chaos of the past week and how excited we both were to finally be doing the transfer. It all felt very surreal to me. About 3:45, the doctor came in and explained the procedure and then the boys got to come in to watch. We got to see the embryos on a screen before the transfer and the IPs actually got to watch the transfer being done on an ultrasound machine. It was amazing to see how excited they were!

The actual procedure only took about 5 mins and then I just had to lay still for 30 mins at which point the IPs said goodbye and good luck. Then I did another round of acupuncture and was definitely relaxed, although it could’ve been the Valium kicking in. (My husband says I fell asleep, but I’m not sure I believe him). After 45 mins of acupuncture, I got to get dressed and was wheeled down to the car to go home.

I’m currently enjoying the perks of being on bedrest for two days which includes watching lots of junk tv, getting homework done, and taking naps. I have also been eating pineapple, including the core, as it is supposed to make your uterus sticky so the embryos will implant. I love pineapple, but the core is…not so yummy. It doesn’t really taste bad, it’s just very chewy and stringy.

Now we just wait until March 11 for my first blood test to find out if I’m pregnant! Here’s to hoping for more good news!

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